Monday, April 20, 2009

Baka-JuJu a fan of the Happy People Team

On his way to his shack at the back of his parents’ house, wearing an old black shirt printed ‘Chibuku’ in white, he greets his neighbors with a happy smile as usual ‘Hola majimbos’ to which they all reply ‘Hola Baka Juju’.

A 7 year old boy runs to him and asks “why are you always this happy?” He replies with a smile "heitha bafana-bafana, you see my-laitie, I am a fan of a big team called the Happy People, and happiness is in our blood".

The boy asks "so, your team is always winning?”
"Yes, Mchana, always" he replies. The boy asks "what have your team won?" He replies "hehe Bafanas, In 1972 we won the Sales House Cup, followed by Life Challenge Cup in 1973, then followed by Mainstay in 1980, Chibuku Challenge in 19…"

before he could finish the sentence the boy stops him: "wait I am only 7 years old can you at least begin from the year I was born?"

He replies "Eish you see Bafanas, In 2004, we almost won the league, in 2005, we almost won the…” before he could finish his sentence the boy stops him again: "wait, can you please tell me of what you have won and not of what you almost won?"

He gets irritated by the boy’s questions and yells "Mmao wa leChiefs o go romile gore o tlo tshwenyana le moya waka, Satane ke wana. Voetsek…!!! Tsamaya o ye go dlala le dithaka tsa gao, you piece of rubbish” he kicked the boy from the back: “Voetsek, Hamba…”

There goes the story of Baka-JuJu a fan of Happy People Team.