Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How to spot your fellow soccer team fan?

How to spot a Sundowns fan?
He wears an old disprin yellow jersey at non soccer events
You see him at doctors’ strikes, taxi strikes, security strikes, truck drivers strike etc…just what the heck is his occupation?
He always talks of Motsepe’s billions while begging money to buy a cigarette
He always compares his clubs’ successes to that of Chiefs

How to spot a Celtics fan?
Simple: Any man that celebrates a lose while wearing ladies bra and a shower cap

How to spot a SuperSport fan?
You get him in taverns drinking milk in ice cubes…ke letsatsantsa
He does not support bafana bafana, he is unique

How do you spot a Chiefs fan?
He/she talks less in soccer topics, his team’s wining record speaks for him

How to spot a Pirates fan?
He/she always talk of his team’s come back every end of season
He/she is violent and the main reason why Chiefs fans talk less

Once a Pirate always a Pirate by OJ Mabizela

I was once a good person. Everyone used to sing praises of the good things I used to do. Then I joined Pirates. My whole life changed. I now make headlines for doing bad things. I need help, I consulted psychologists, priests, traditional healers, magicians etc...and all of them are unable to assist me. All they say is one thing: I have put an irreversible curse to my life by joining Orlando Pirates. Gift Leremi left Pirates and passed away shortly afterwards. Ronald Mkandawire and Bibi Mutombo also passed away after leaving the team. Mandla 'Metroblitz' Sithole appeared in court for stabbing someone to death. Lucky Lekhwathi also appeared in court for robbery and injuring someone with a knife. Jimmy Tau is beginning to hear strange things like whistles that were never blown. What have I done to myself to behave like Jabu and Steve? I guess they are right ONCE A PIRATE ALWAYS A PIRATE