Friday, July 17, 2009


Orlando Pirates
Kid 1: Yes!!! Now I remember. It looks like uncle Julius Malema’s pajamas
Kid 2: mmm... Hahahaha,hehehe... it is hilarious
Kid 3: Does that red color symbolizes skeleton’s blood?
Kid 4: I think uncle Robert Mugabe would rather give up Zimbabwe than to wear it
Kid 5: It looks scary, but it could make the freaks in the horror movie ‘Wrong Turn’ look good

Mamelodi Sundowns
Kid 1: Ahhh!!! It looks like the one I saw on the photo worn by my grandpa and his primary-school team mates
Kid 2: mmmh...mmh...Is it going to be worn by girls? I think it is not good for boys?
Kid 3: My brother thinks Daniel Mudau looked much better with his greasy perm hairstyle in that old glossy Disprin jersey?
Kid 4: Is it for netball?
Kid 5: Sorry but I can’t stop laughing when I imagine uncle Alex Shakoane’s dark skin color and his golden rings in that yellow jersey

Kaizer Chiefs
Kid 1: Yeah!!! I like it. It looks good
Kid 2: I think Zakumi will love it

Monday, July 13, 2009

Robert Mugabe’s promise to Africa

Accra, Ghana - While addressing African leaders on challenges facing Africa in Ghana, US president Barack Obama mentioned Zimbabwean crisis as a matter that should be given a high priority. Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe stood up and gave his word to more than 52 delegates of the continent and this is what he said: “I, Robert Gabriel Mugabe promise to step down from government on one and only one condition: if Orlando Pirates win a recognizable trophy in the PSL. My resignation will be effective from that day”

All Africans looked down showing signs of losing hope since they know that day will never come. "This is a shame" responded Morgan Tsvangarai, "This means Mugabe wants to die at the presidency, we cannot agree to this, we all know Pirates will not win against Chiefs anytime soon, Mugabe has even sent some Zimbabwean players to Chiefs to make sure of that. This is just some dirty games Mugabe's playing to make sure he rules until he dies"