Friday, September 11, 2009

What makes me what I am today?

I grew up in a place dominated by Pirates fans. I saw many kids going to school with no lunch money, some with blue eyes. I saw a man burning down his house which was painted black and white. At the age of 6 my father, my hero took me and my mom out of that place to a place dominated by Sundowns fans. It looked pretty good and quiet. Clean streets with the only noise made by birds. Most people in that area were female. I asked where the male people were. Most men have died of heart related illnesses blamed on the Rothmans Cup. Most boys were in juvenile prisons blamed on the same Rothmans Cup. I asked myself what kind of a person do I want to be, a violent person or a person who won’t live to see 40? I realized that I have a choice. I can live a stress-free life, a happy life, a love and peaceful life, a Khosi life. I am a happy man today because of the smart choice I made at the age of 6. I am a Khosi for life.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bafana team selection

Ever wondered how the Bafana team selection works?
Here is a recorded Pitso- Santana conversation:

Santana: “Siya-dumela, Pitso”
Pitso: “Dumela Santana, not siya-dumela. Eish, this fong-kong...”
Santana: “Me found ze problem to ze right wing solution”
Pitso: “Wa pota gape, who is the player?”
Santana: “Ze player, ze quick, ze skillful, ze passes superb”
Pitso: “Quick, skillful and superb passes? Who is the player?”
Santana: “Ze player ze name is Abia Nale, ze Kaizer Chiefs”
Pitso: “Oh…that one. Yah, he is good but he is not a South African, he is from Zimbabwe”
Santana: ”Nale ze Zimbabwe? Me thought him South African”
Pitso: “Sorry man he is not, but I know a player who plays like him. His name is Benson Mhlongo from Pirates”
Santana: ”Ok, you call Molongo...”
Pitso: “Ok Ranko, I will call him”
Santana: ”Ze pleasure. Ze leboga”

Now we know why Pirates have more players in Bafana than Chiefs