Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Legend blamed for title loss

Mambush, a rock solid Sundowns legend who in 20 yrs of playing time was never carried out of the field on a stretcher nor treated for an injury is blamed for the Sundowns lose to Cosmos. Mambush caused a great headache in the dressing rooms before the game with his debtors’ book and a sjambok: “May I have what is due to me before you go spend all your money on scarves?” demanded the Chloorkop Tuckshop owner. Hearing that horrifying voice, Brian Baloyi decided to take a run for his life. The coach had no choice but to give the goalkeeping position to Calvin Marlin who had never seen a game in ages. “Had Brian started in the post, there’s no doubt Sundowns would have won the game” said the frustrated team spokesman Alex Shakoane. "Of all games, Mambush decided to collect his money at this crucial one" the distressing Mike Nanana Ntombela alluded.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Trouble in Mambush Tuck-shop

“Uncle Mambush I know I am buying on credit but this bread has expired, stru it has reached its sell by date. You may check the expiry tag” said the disappointed Siyanda Xulu, to which Mambush responded: “Hey wena son, nothing expires here in Chloorkop? If things were expiring Esrom Nyandoro would have long been asked to leave the club. So stop complaining and eat your bread” While the 2 gentlemen argued Vuyo Mere the Expiry-date specialist in the shop, brings in a tag with expiry date set for next 30 days and replaces the one on Xulu’s bread and says “Problem now solved, enjoy your bread sir"