Sunday, March 28, 2010

Khanyeza ‘faces’ the disciplinarian

Mambush the disciplinarian well known for slapping his fellow player Charles Motlohi for refusing to take a penalty, called upon Mabhuti Khanyeza immediately after collecting his 3rd red card of the season. Mambush was standing at the side of his team’s only 54 fans of 28000 soccer fans that filled Super Stadium to the brim when Khanyeza came with his hands covering his face.
Mambush: “What are you doing?”
Mabhuti: “I wanted to score like Maradona, remember hand of god?”
Mambush: “Oh, yes. I do remember. Stretch you arms and unfold your hands so I can give you something”
[Mabhuti does as instructed. Within milliseconds a whipping sound outbreaks, Mabhuthi is dropping a tear and covers his left cheek]
Mambush: “Now that’s what I call a hand of god. Get off my face before I give you another one”