Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Vuyo Mere on Shabba's robbery

Police stopped Vuyo Mere hours after robbery incident at Siphiwe Tshabala's house:

Police: "Young man! Siphiwe Tshabala's house, do you..." *Vuyo interupts before the policeman could finish*
Vuyo: "Look, my honourable officer. Yes I do envy Tshabalala's dreadlocks since mine can't grow that long. And yes I have not won a medal in ages, and I do envy his medals too but I did not do it. I was with Brian Baloyi the whole night, oops! *he stops as if he said something he was not suppose to say* Not that we are partners or anything like that. We were just going through Brian's scarf collection...eish! you know he likes scarves, right? some males like scarves too...we were just..."

Police: Relax Vuyo, I was just asking you if you know the way to Shabba’s house. We were only looking for directions...