Thursday, September 29, 2011

In Hungry Lion with Mr Sithole

Sithole: 1 drumstick and a roll please

Waitress: And the drink?

Sithole: What do you mean 'drink'? Do I look like Patrice Motsepe? Give me what I have ordered and leave me in peace...

Waitress: Sorry Sir, was just trying my best to be at your good service

Sithole: Good service my foot. I offered that team my best service last night, even gave a penalty that never was but look where I ended up today, Hungry Lion while others are enjoying Nandos peri-peri chicken

Waitress: But our chicken is also nice

Sithole: Nice? What do you know about nice? Is it nice to get less than half a salary? Is it nice to be blamed for George Lebese's penalty miss? Don't you ever mention that word to me cause you know nothing about its meaning...nxa

While Sithole is busy with the waitress the middleman who facilitated the deal between ref Sithole and the team in question Mr Jonas Nlhapo makes a stop at the restaurant counter: "How much will your meal cost me if I bring my own pap?"