Friday, April 15, 2011

First it was Bafana name now it’s Amaglug-glug name in the mix

First it was Bafana name now it’s Amaglug-glug name in the mix
A mysterious Limpopo man, Chikunda ‘Glug-glug’ Makinda, has emerged as the owner of the trademark of South Africa's national under 23 soccer team, Amaglug-glug. And no one - not even the South African Football Association (Safa) - can fully explain how this happened.
Sources close to Mr Makinda claim Chikunda came up with this name while attending a church ceremony where the famous Zulu hymn Amagugu alelizwe ayosal' emathuneni meaning ‘all precious treasure remains in the grave’ was sung. But since Chikunda was not familiar with Zulu language he could not pick up the word 'Amagugu' and mispronounced it 'Amaglug-glug' which the congregation of Tekabeka Community Church began to identify him by. It is still not certain how the name made its way to the SAFA offices.
Radam Radesh the lawyer that represents Chikunda Makinda is convinced SAFA owes his client money from using the trademark an amount estimated at not less than R56 million plus over R9.3 million if they are to buy that name from his client. This is a big blow to SAFA an organization that is fighting yet similar battle worth millions of Rands involving the name of the senior national team Bafana Bafana.

Radam Radesh (Chikunda Makinda's lawyer)

Chikunda Makinda owner of Amaglug-glug trademark