Monday, February 13, 2012

PSL's got talent

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to vote for your talented PSL individual who you deem has got a very rare talent. And the nominees are?

1. Dominic Mateba: Showcased his rare to find dancing moves on national television while celebrating an offside goal in the Nedbank Cup, a combination of Manyesa + Madiba dance which later became known as Hlokoloza

2. Shabba and Bafana Crew: Still in the dancing category is Siphiwe Tshabalala and his Bafana crew for proving to the world that not being able to read does not necessarily mean one is useless. One can do other things like dancing, plus dacing has got no rules to comply with. You just move that body...

3. Ntate Goodenough Sithole: The only man who can speak a language far better than its own inventors

4. Yeye: The only person that needs to do nothing to prove to no one that he's got talent. You just take a glimse at him and conclude the man has got talent

5. Belly McFatty: NB: The following comment might not be suitable for sensitive readers and was approved by Professor Roger de Sa of Wits University. While people are dying to get paid in Pounds, he is dying to get paid in Kilos. Meet Belly, the only man on earth who gets paid in Kilos...

6. Bra J: The real Mr Jack of all trades. He is not only the coach, he is also the team's owner, CEO, Chairman, Spokes Person (though he prefers the title 'Madam Speaker'), fitness trainer, team doctor, bus driver, pilot, goalkeeper coach, etc...

7. Go-man-go Maponyane: For crying at each and every funeral of Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Cover Plan members. They say this man cries like he knew the deceased, like he knew them better than anyone at the funeral. SMS 7 to vote for this Crying Man...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Survived Abroad: Just what PSL players go through abroad...

Many wonder what happens to their favourite PSL players once they move abroad. Grave Diggers Inc have launched a new series titled "Survived Abroad" Here is the 1st episode:

1. Jerry Sikhosana, when Pirates' number 1 legend joined the Chinese outfit Unnan Huangto, Pirates fans were happy for him. Little they knew their number 1 legend would be turned into a Snake Milker. Jerry was responsible for extracting venom from snakes, before Chinese club chef could cook it

2. Pa Gaxa, following a controversial move to Belgium, Pa was turned a Human Alarm Clock. Pa was made to take note of team players and officials' awakening time and then knock on their room door to wake them up

3. Shaun Bartlett, though he finally broke into the line up, Shaun was appointed as a Shiner in his arrival days in Charlton Athletic. A Bald-Head Shiner specializing in shining half-bald heads of the likes of Paolo di Canio before the game and during halftime breaks

4. Helman Mkhalele, Midnight Express turned Midnight Watchman. He patrolled the team's camp to ensure no player leaves the camp at night

5. Knowledge Musona, Kaizer Chiefs' beloved son is now a German team Mascott